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More Download the latest release of the official Google Cloud Print app. With Cloud Print for Android you can:- Print from any compatible Android device to any Google Cloud Print connected printer- Share a picture or a document from apps like Gallery directly to Cloud Print- Track the status of your print jobs- Process printer invitations. Open invitation links from email in Cloud Print- Find and register new Cloud Ready printers on the local network* Printing from Android has never been easier. The Google Cloud Print app is a print plugin on Android KitKat, and a standalone app on earlier versions of Android. If you update your device to KitKat, you may need to remove the icon manually.*Not all models support local discovery - check the setup manual of your printer for details

Top 5 User Reviews

  Captain Haddock

Smoke and mirrors

This is great! After considering buying a print server, and trying to get my Spark Huawei hg630b wireless modem to do the job as it's supposed to, I discovered this little magic wand from Google. Printing from an Android tablet to a Win10 laptop's USB printer (logged in with someone else's account) - no problem. Sweet.

  Lan Rivers

Don't BUY Google or anything with that name

Junk, plain junk. Bought a Google Cloud Printer as it sounded so simple and convenient. Well, far from it. Bill Gates, when you left the barn door open all the good horses went with it. Stay away from Google software or anything with the name and your life will be much more simpler.

  Adriana J

Can't use direct from app or email, I suspect it's thanks to broken Samsung print plugin

Fellow Samsung users, I believe I isolated the issue to the Samsung Print Plugin that we can't remove & can't use other print plugins without it. I use Brother plugin for print & Google Cloud Plugin for PDF saving. I first uninstalled the Brother plugin. Still got the "Failed to change settings" error when printing email. Then uninstalled Google plugin, same. Disabled Samsung plugin. Reinstalled Brother. Phone couldn't find printer. Enabled Samsung plugin. Found printer, got same error. Thanks

  loup garu

Cloud printing is impossible

I bought an expensive Cloud Printer just because it was a Google Cloud Printer and it never worked from my Chromebox or Nexus phone. My workaround was to go to my Samsung phone and print to a Samsung printer using their app. It's preposterous that it's so difficult to make these things easy. Don't buy anything that has "Cloud printing". You will waste your time, money and end up in an asylum. Did I mention I hate it? Most Google products/features are good. This is not one of them. G should be

  Denny Matthews

This is the most complicated Crap that I'e ever come across to download/install/print..................WHATEVER! This app was developed specifically for Bill Gates! I would not recommend this app unless you are real computer savvy. This was one helck of a disappointment! It's hard for me to click on the 1 star when I don't feel it deserves it.

  Arif k

Everyone is complaining

Unable to remove, its not working. You can remove it if you root the phone. You can't do this in iFruite..okay you can do it. But it won't be a simple task as in android. So far I can make this works, but yeah Google you should make this easier to use. Not everyone know how to use it. Or clever enough to use Google search and look for workarounds.

Cloud Print wiki

Cloud Print has been downloaded by 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 people available all over the world, anyone can be easily downloaded from the wikinsta store. You could visit their official website to know more about the app or you can mail to them if you have any query regarding the app. This is the top famous app available in Productivity category. Average rating of the app is 4.1 which is a great indication of people trust and use the app frequently. To download the app you must have your android version Varies with device. The price of the app is 0. According to, the public data average daily active user (DAU) of the app is 463556. With Monthly active users (MAU) of 3476670. The latest version of the app is which currently installed in 60% of the users, last version Varies with device was published on Aug. 29, 2016, midnight.

Cloud Print apk info

Category: Productivity

Publish Date:

Latest Version: Varies with device

Average Rating: 4.1

Price: Free

Requirements: Varies with device

Downloads: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000

Daily Active Users (DAU): 463556+

Monthly Active Users (MAU): 3476670+

Official Website:


How to Download Cloud Print

There are numerous way to download the Cloud Print app

  1. 1. You can download Cloud Print app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Cloud Print then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Cloud Print then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 3. Go to the and then search theCloud Printapp. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  4. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.
  5. 5.You can download the app from site alsoyou can mail them to ask for the app link. Or,you can go to their official website and get the app link through SMS. Most of the site already have SMS service to download the app.

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