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Category: Communication

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Latest Version: 2.1

Average Rating: 4.4

Price: ? 140.13

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Downloads: 100 - 500

Daily Active Users (DAU): 22+

Monthly Active Users (MAU): 165+

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Top 5 User Reviews

 Nenad Ilievski

Useful app

Good functionality and easy to use. However, please add the ability to remove the notification icon completely even when you use the clipboard.

 O'Peter Peters

Can't backup templates

Please add Dropbox or Google drive sync so it can be used on multiple phones and cross platforms. And no update since 2013.

 Marc Love

Meets my requirements

I wanted something where I could easily set predefined emails to assist with RTM reminders. This is perfect for that!

 Lou Farrell

Incredible application!

I am in sales and frequently send similar follow-up emails to my clients. This app is, quite simply, a HUGE timesaver. I can send emails to my customers when I have a few minutes between appointments. Well done and I would strongly suggest this app to someone looking to cut down on having to write e-mails.

  Nenad Ilievski

Useful app

Good functionality and easy to use. However, please add the ability to remove the notification icon completely even when you use the clipboard.

  O'Peter Peters

Can't backup templates

Please add Dropbox or Google drive sync so it can be used on multiple phones and cross platforms. And no update since 2013.

Email Template Pro wiki

Email Template Pro has been downloaded by 100 - 500 people available all over the world, anyone can be easily downloaded from the wikinsta store. You could visit their official website to know more about the app or you can mail to them if you have any query regarding the app. This is the top famous app available in Communication category. Average rating of the app is 4.4 which is a great indication of people trust and use the app frequently. To download the app you must have your android version 2.1 and up. The price of the app is 0. According to, the public data average daily active user (DAU) of the app is 22. With Monthly active users (MAU) of 165. The latest version of the app is which currently installed in 60% of the users, last version 2.1 was published on Sept. 1, 2013, midnight.


About the app

Email Template lets you create email templates and provides easy access to them through a widget and through the clipboard - so you can always use the appropriate template! The functionality of Email TemplateEmail Template lets you create email templates in which you can define a email subject and text to insert and any number of recipients/CC/BCC from your contact list. The list of email templates you have created is then accessible from the Email Template widget, which you should add to your homescreen. When a template is chosen from the list (shown after having clicked the widget) the standard email application's create new message activity will be launched and the text and recipients/CC/BCC from the template will automatically be inserted!Using a email template from Email Template requires just as few clicks as opening the standard create new message activity!As of 1.5 the template messages are also accessible from the clipboard, which means that you can now insert the message into any Email - also when answering a received email. The Email Template clipboard manager is accessible through your status bar to let you quickly pick between your predefined template, even while writing inside your Email application! Examples of useEmail Template can be used for having readymade signatures to set as the signature of any email. The templates can also be used for predefining repeated beginnings of email texts, such as "Hi everyone, we would like to invite you all to". Since Email Template also allows you to define recipients for the template, the app can be used to template groups of people you often write to such as your study/work group, family, sports team and so on. Yet another possibility is to use Email Template to define whole email texts that is often used, such as birthday greetings or "I am on my way and will be there in 5 min." so you don't have to write it again and again. Basically the templates are email shortcuts for inserting what you would normally have to repeatedly write yourself. Key features * Widget showing list of templates * Widget configurable to one template for even quicker access. * Clipboard access. * Predefinable email subject and text. * Predefinable email recipients and CC/BCC. * Automatically sorted list of templates, based on what you have used last. * Link to guide for adding Android Widget to your homescreen included in the menu of the app. Pro version advantages * No ads! * Prettier dialog for picking a template * Widget configurable with a single template for even quicker access! Going from free version to pro versionYou can move existing templates from the free version of Email Template to this paid version by waiting with uninstalling the free version until after having installed and opened this paid version. When Email Template Pro have been started once, it will have imported the templates from the free version, and we suggest you then uninstall the free version. Is not tested with the following Email client apps (but since it uses standard Android intents it should still work): * K-9 Mail * Hotmail * MailDroid * ProfiMail email client * Yahoo! Mail Please feel free to write suggestions, comments, error reports or feedback to our mail as we cannot answer comments - we will be more than happy to help or hear from our users :)
What's New
v 2.1Implemented confirmation dialog for deleting a template.Improved visual appearance and template items.New feature for giving each template a title.The list of templates is now sorted alphabetically.Fixed crash bug in the showSignatures activity.

How to Download Email Template Pro

There are numerous way to download the Email Template Pro app

  1. 1. You can download Email Template Pro app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Email Template Pro then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Email Template Pro then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 3. Go to the and then search theEmail Template Proapp. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  4. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.
  5. 5.You can download the app fromhttp://apps.akosta.dkofficial site alsoyou can mail them to ask for the app link. Or,you can go to their official website and get the app link through SMS. Most of the site already have SMS service to download the app.