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Anthony Restaino

Install 500,000 - 1,000,000

More Lightning is a simple, fast web browser that focuses on design, security, and efficiency. It uses material design, doesn't track you, give you lots of options to protect your privacy. It gets out of the way of the user. I built this browser because I wanted something better.? Design - Lightning's interface was carefully crafted so you can browse as efficiently as possible. Tabs and Bookmarks are all tucked neatly away in side drawers, only a swipe away, allowing maximum screen viewing with minimal interference from the browser's chrome. Dark Mode, Light Mode, Color Mode, Night Mode... Anyway, whatever you like, there's a mode for you.? Speed - By utilizing the WebKit rendering engine that comes built into your Android device, Lightning can ensure a swift, lightweight experience.? Privacy - Use Incognito Mode to browse without leaving a footprint, download Orbot and turn on TOR proxy support to mask your identify and location, use StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your search engine, or disable settings that you think leave you at risk. Whatever your concern, Lightning will try to help.? Features - Full-screen, check. Inverted Rendering, check. All the search engines you want, check. Search Suggestions, Bookmarks, History, User Agents, Reading Mode, whatever you need, Lightning does it.? Open-source - Just as Android open-source, so is Lightning. I believe that the best software is built when communities come together to engineer the best solution. Head over to the repository on GitHub to contribute or translate.? Free - Check out the paid version for AdBlock and Unlimited Tabs. Free version is limited to ten tabs open at a time.Permissions? permission.INTERNET: Needed to access the internet for browsing? permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and backing up data? permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and restoring data? permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Needed for sites that want your location (you can deny location access)Talk to me on Twitter: me on GitHub: a beta tester:

Top 5 User Reviews

  Kathryn Davidson

Now I know how mammoths felt in a tar pit

Easily #1 browser 2 years ago. Was sleek, minimalist, and Lightning Fast! Then it got "fancy" - and, slow, and Unstable! Now for EVERY site that opens, I get a giant grey pop-up box warning me that site certificates are expired. And the pop-up returns, right after i dismiss it. Won't go until I click 20 - 25 times! Oh how the mighty have fallen

  Kolby Hendley

Really quick, and decent features for something so fast

I started using this browser because my previous one was getting slower with each update. This browser is much faster, and surprisingly customizable. One thing this app needs is an option to force load a desktop version of a site. Add that, and adblocking, and this browser could compete with the top.

Anonymus User

Great Potential

Love bookmarks auto-sort. 2 on my wish list: Bookmarks: folders within folders; and tell LastPass to treat you as a browser: it keeps trying to save a password for the "lightning app". Try to grow so I'll know you're staying around and don't sell out to mega-spies!

  Robert Shockley

Very nice and lightweight app

I believe that what he is saying about using android web kit means that Android Web View (Google's App that nonbrowsers use to access the Internet) is how it connects, If so this would Always be one of the most Updated and Secure Browsers .I play with Lightning and Orfox from time to time along with Orbot. Depending on what your needs are, either app seems to work excellent with or without Orbot.

  Angga Bastian

Like it

I like it. The speed and performance is very good. The only thing I'm missing is swipe gesture to switch tab and close tabs... I hope swipe gesture feature can be added without much impact to performance.. and also, exit button/option would be nice too....

  John Bilkey


Fast and lightweight! Only complaint - on tablets you can't move the navigation buttons to the left like traditional browsers. With desktop style tabs there is no way to access bookmarks.

Lightning Web Browser wiki

Lightning Web Browser has been downloaded by 500,000 - 1,000,000 people available all over the world, anyone can be easily downloaded from the wikinsta store. You could visit their official website to know more about the app or you can mail to them if you have any query regarding the app. This is the top famous app available in Communication category. Average rating of the app is 4.2 which is a great indication of people trust and use the app frequently. To download the app you must have your android version 4.0 and up. The price of the app is 0. According to, the public data average daily active user (DAU) of the app is 23010. With Monthly active users (MAU) of 172575. The latest version of the app is which currently installed in 60% of the users, last version 4.4.2 was published on Nov. 29, 2016, midnight.

Lightning Web Browser apk info

Category: Communication

Publish Date:

Latest Version: 4.4.2

Average Rating: 4.2

Price: Free

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Downloads: 500,000 - 1,000,000

Daily Active Users (DAU): 23010+

Monthly Active Users (MAU): 172575+

Official Website:


How to Download Lightning Web Browser

There are numerous way to download the Lightning Web Browser app

  1. 1. You can download Lightning Web Browser app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Lightning Web Browser then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Lightning Web Browser then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 3. Go to the and then search theLightning Web Browserapp. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  4. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.
  5. 5.You can download the app fromhttp://acrdevelopment.orgofficial site alsoyou can mail them to ask for the app link. Or,you can go to their official website and get the app link through SMS. Most of the site already have SMS service to download the app.

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