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More Who hasn't wanted to be corrupt at some point? Take a little here, take a little there, travel, gifts, cars. With Billionaire Clicker you can also be part of the problem!Billionaire Clicker is a game idle where you should make money and get rich by: making a fortune signing contracts, making dodgy investments, avoiding paying tax, and making the most out of any opportunity to get more coins and gems. Because only the worst get famous! Make improvements to your office with the different objects that become available as you become more prestigious.Characteristics:? Seriously addictive clicker? Invest money so you make more without contracts? Upgrade your pen so you can increase the value of contracts you do sign for? Receive 'brown envelopes' to get your bonus? Add fun accessories to improve your prestige? Play the wheel of fortune to win prizes? 3 possible ways of completing the game? 20 Achievements to unlockBillionaire Clicker will teach you to get involved in a world full of corruption that we always hear about but few of us know anything about.WARNINGThis game is a parody that is absurdly realistic.

Top 5 User Reviews

  TheMatrix Gaming8

If I could give this 0 stars I would.

OK! who ever made this really needs to delete it because this is the worst, I repeat the worst rip off, or in the creator's case, since you think it's a game, this is the worst game I've ever played and it's probably the worst game anyone ever play. Okay I have been doing there and for what I'm about to say is one who really loves that game would agree with one of the right to say: you might have just ruined Bitcoin Billionaire for me! Good job you little fother mucker

  Jeffrey Toale

This game is a very poor attempt at a rip off of Bitcoin Billionaire!

This game basically stole everything it is from Bitcoin Billionaire. Except where this game is a sloppy, buggy, pile of trash, the game it took Everything from Including The Logo, the Real, Original game Bitcoin Billionaire is polished and amazingly fun and addictive with layers of strategy, complexity, and replayabilty. Plus the Original that this game ripped off, Bitcoin Billionaire has a major content update coming out very soon for Android and iOS to be released for each platform at the sa

Copyright stolen

You don't wanna know how bad it is! The old man just draws a line on the papers that slide under the pen like magic!I wish I could put zero stars to show how bad it is! Bitcoin billionaire is waaaaaaaay better than this piece o' trash! Plus, when you tap fast, the man looks evil! And how do you earn money by signing contracts? This is a complete rip off to bitcoin billionaire!!

  WiNo JoE

WiNoJoE sez:

Much prefer BCBill over this clicker, which feels rushed & rough in comparison. Also don't like the blatant BCB idea ripoff, the constant losses in what I earned, nor the constant pestering for ad clicks. But I may give it another go in future, if they polish it up a bit and make it more interesting to the players.

  Drew Shepard


I would give it a five star if the suit case did something besides give u adds. And also I stopped getting the messages at about 1,hour of the game .if there is a way to fix this bug please let me know

This app needs to loose some weight

I mean seriously /Copy-Paste Bitcoin billionaire! I mean srsly why does this all have in app purchases, apchopijo should be giving out coins and diamonds since this app gets no reviews without them saying, "Ripoff of bitcoin billionaire. okay So Just Stop Cloning Other Games And Think Of Something Original!

Billionaire Clicker wiki

Billionaire Clicker has been downloaded by 100,000 - 500,000 people available all over the world, anyone can be easily downloaded from the wikinsta store. You could visit their official website to know more about the app or you can mail to them if you have any query regarding the app. This is the top famous app available in Strategy category. Average rating of the app is 3.9 which is a great indication of people trust and use the app frequently. To download the app you must have your android version 2.3 and up. The price of the app is 0. According to, the public data average daily active user (DAU) of the app is 22498. With Monthly active users (MAU) of 168735. The latest version of the app is which currently installed in 60% of the users, last version 1.5.1 was published on Jan. 7, 2015, midnight.

Billionaire Clicker apk info

Category: Strategy

Publish Date:

Latest Version: 1.5.1

Average Rating: 3.9

Price: Free

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Downloads: 100,000 - 500,000

Daily Active Users (DAU): 22498+

Monthly Active Users (MAU): 168735+

Official Website:


How to Download Billionaire Clicker

There are numerous way to download the Billionaire Clicker app

  1. 1. You can download Billionaire Clicker app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Billionaire Clicker then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Billionaire Clicker then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 3. Go to the and then search theBillionaire Clickerapp. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  4. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.
  5. can mail them to ask for the app link. Or,

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