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Laser Spike (BETA)

Take advantage of a galactic war, get your crew & become the best Space Pirate.

Warlock's Citadel

An original dungeon crawler with easy-to-use interface.

Ascensão De Cain! (Rpg PT-BR)

One of the only RPGs RPG totally maker in Portuguese google play

Radio For Help!

Radio For Help is a choose your own adventure story - take control of the story!

Flirt City

Become a celebrity: customize your look, participate in TV shows and flirt away!

Armpit Hero: King of Hell

The Story of strongest twin demons in devildom!

Armpit Hero: VIP

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Car Mechanic: Speed Fix

Car Mechanic: Speed Fix

Girls X Battle

Girls X Battle is the most popular worldwide mobile anime game in 2016.

Cartoon face - selfie network

Live cartoon network & sketch selfie effectsWin in social caricature masquerade

Mafia III: Rivals

Steal, seize, and slaughter for control of New Bordeaux in Mafia III: Rivals.

Elves Quest

Fight monsters and hunt for buried treasure in this exciting location-based RPG!

Forgotten Tales RPG

Classic RPG gameplay with exciting story, tons of locations, monsters and quests

Land of Heroes - Zenith Season

LOH MOBA RPG with easy controls, gorgeous graphics, & fast’n fun game!

Dragon Trader - Casual RPG

Is a loan shark rough to deal with? Try a loan dragon! Dopewars Inspired RPG-SIM

Warhammer Quest

Dungeon Adventures in the Warhammer World!

Little Alchemist

Clever combos meet strategic spell crafting! Little Alchemist, BIG ADVENTURE!

Choice of Broadsides

Swashbuckling naval adventure, in the spirit of C. S. Forester's Hornblower.

Choice of Romance

In this court intrigue, will you find true love, gain a crown or lose your head?


Is the next member of Congress a werewolf? A silver bullet to win the election!

Creatures Such as We

A philosophical lunar romance with game designers. What defines a "good" ending?

The Daring Mermaid Expedition

Take a scientifically inaccurate romp in pirate-infested waters!

Choice of the Deathless

Demonic lawsuits will pay off your student loans in this undead legal thriller.

Choice of the Dragon

Be a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun!

For Rent: Haunted House

Rent out a haunted house before your tyrannical boss has you fired!


Overthrow your father's regime with his own secret experimental fighter plane!

Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

Do you have what it takes to become an A-list celebrity hero?

Heroes Rise: HeroFall

Will you assassinate the president to defend your heroic right to be Powered?

Heroes Rise: The Hero Project

Will you survive America's #1 reality show for heroes?

Hollywood Visionary

Make the movie of your dreams amid the glamor and romance of 1950s Hollywood!


Grab your gear and prepare yourself for a hard fantasy quest.

Choice of Kung Fu

It's multiple-choice martial-arts action!

Marine Raider

Lead a platoon of Marine Raiders! Turn the tide of WW2 in this text-based game.

Mecha Ace

Pilot a giant robot, dueling with plasma sabers in an interstellar civil war!

MetaHuman Inc.

Command a global corporation that sells superpowers to the highest bidder!

Neighbourhood Necromancer

Command a squad of zombies and skeletons to exact vengeance on the suburbs!

Choice of the Pirate

Plunder ghost ships for cursed treasure! Will ye rival the Pirate King himself?

Psy High

What's scarier: the principal, your psychic powers, or finding a date for prom?

Choice of Robots

Your decisions as a robot maker will change the world--but at what cost?

Runt of the Litter

Steal and raise a baby war gryphon! You'll fight dragons to save the empire!

Saga of the North Wind

The gods chose you to lead your tribe on a deadly pilgrimage to the North!

Sixth Grade Detective

Spy on your classmates for cash! Would you blackmail your own teacher?

Sorcery Is for Saps

An apprentice sorcerer should NEVER steal a master's identity, but you will!

Choice of the Vampire

Begin a two-hundred-year journey in pursuit of love, power and redemption.

Choice of the Vampire 2

Feast on the blood of 1873's Memphis, your national debut in vampire Society!

VERSUS: The Elite Trials

Will you infiltrate the gods, or turn double agent and join their Elite Courte?

A Wise Use of Time

How would you use the power to freeze time? Justice, money, love, or fame?

Choice of Zombies

Fight for survival in a world overrun by zombies! Winner of IntroComp 2011.

brain games food memory

Exercise Your brain! Are you ready to challenge your memory


An rpg game based on PC vs Consoles.

Doodle Club

A fun paint program. Do fun drawing quests.

Pterodactyl Dinosaur Simulator

Be a Pterodactyl Dinosaur and survive the Jurassic-era forest :)

Escape Game : BURIED

YOU must rely on your best resource--yourself …… Escape If You Can.

Escaping The Prison : Morgue


Escape : Hannibal Hospital

Well, Have the lambs stopped screaming? Can you Escape ?

Escape : The Walking Dead II

They're not people! They're dead! These things right here ......

Baby Farm

Gather the harvest on the kids farm, play with funny chicken and collect pearls

Baby Shop

Hippo with friends play Shop. Educational kids baby games


Discover TibiaME, a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG!

Clan of Cheetahs

Build your own ?? Clan of Cheetahs ?? in this action packed 3D animal simulator.

Clan of Crocodiles

Clan of Crocodile 3D Animal Role Playing Simulator

Clan of Dogs

Clan of Dogs 3D Animal Adventure Simulator

Clan of Eagle

***** Clan of Eagle is here! *****

Clan of Lions

This young lion needs your help to rebuild his clan. Clan of Lions 3D Animal Sim

Clan of Spinosaurus

Clan of Spinosaurus 3D Dinosaur Simulator

Clan of Stallions

Clan of Stallions - action, adventure, role playing horse simulator.

Clan of Tigers

Build your own Clan of Tigers in this action packed 3D animal adventure.

Clan of Wolf

Start building your own Clan of Wolves in this action packed animal adventure.

Hero Forge

Forge Your Hero Today

Clash of Assassins -The Empire

The Most Addictive 3D MMOARPG Game Now Online! Do Not Miss It, Play Now!

Clicker Adventures

Clicker RPG adventures game with unique loot, hero evolution and dungeon system

Mission Sword : Crush the evil

Epic action-platformer game with intimidating fighting system !


Sequel of the world walk!Left type RPG !! to travel unrestrained in the world in the palm

Mafia party app

Mafia party game also known as werewolf.


Ninja Girls is the most popular worldwide mobile anime game in 2016.

Music Idol - Coco Rock Star

Live your dreams and become a mega superstar with Coco and her band!

Girls PJ Party - Spa & Fun

You’re invited to the coolest PJ party ever with all your BEST girlfriends!

Dungeon Legends: Skeleton King

Discover an endless world of adventures in this true action RPG

Schools of Magic

Build your own school of magic and become the most powerful mage in the kingdom.

Project Galaxia

Join thousands of other players in this Sci-Fi MMO!

Phoenix Emperor

Join thousands of other players in this Fantasy MMORPG!

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator

Coffee Stain Studios brings next-gen Goat MMO simulation to mobile devices

Tank Battle vr-heat hero war

Become a hero in the danger tank war.You will follow the cunning paced to fire.

Knights N Squires

Perfect balance of action and RPG! Knights N Squires!

The World of Magic


Inotia 4

Inotia saga brought to the next level in the fourth RPG adventure!

Summoners War

Homunculus UpdateNew Monster, Homunculus!New Craft System & Rift Dungeons!

Soul Seeker

??Reached Top 10 in 59 Countries Worldwide!??Free Awakened Hero for New Users!

Light: Fellowship of Loux

Gather the power of light to defeat the darkness in Light: Fellowship of Loux!

Wonder Tactics

??The ultimate strategic RPG with players from 136 countries worldwide!??

Commando Captain

Commando Captain, Memories of the arcade game is back

The Quest of Cortez

You manage the Cortez to complete his mission to find all the gold

Evil House

Help Miranda to destroy all evil creatures in a mysterious uninhabited house.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

A Pixel Dungeon mod which significantly improves original game!

Disciple Legacy

The choice of millions of players! Developers are truly otaku and manga fan.

Cougars of the Forest

Customize your Cougar and Build your family. Epic Quest Cougar 3D Adventure

Counter Terrorist Sniper

Take dead aim at your enemies while avoiding rival snipers.

Counter-Terror:Sniper's Fight

Accomplish missions and kill the brutal terrorists to become an excellent sniper

Looty Rogue - Mystery Dungeon

Roguelike, Dungeon crawler, Mystery Dungeon, Loots - Prepare to Die.

How to Download Role Playing apps on android

There are numerous way to download the Role Playing app

  1. 1. You can download Role Playing app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Role Playing then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Role Playing then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 2. Go to the and search the app Role Playing then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  4. 3. Go to the and then search the Role Playing app. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  5. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.