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Hidden Object: Easter Egg Hunt

Can you find all the Easter eggs in our latest Hidden Object game?!

Elves Beyond the Woods

Wander into the woods and discover the mysteries that lie beyond!

Hidden Object - Emma Bali

Watch the story unfold as Emma swims, snorkels, and finds turtles!

Hidden Object - Emma Bubbles!

Follow along as Emma and her dog play with bubbles in the park!

Hidden Object - Emma Candy

Emma and her brother go to the Candy Store and make their own sweets!

Hidden Object - Enemies Free

Follow the narrated story of Enemies by author T. R. Graves in 15 amazing levels

Deep in the Fairy Forest

Phatpuppy presents, "Deep in the Fairy Forest!"

Fairy Wonderland

Journey through fantastic environments to uncover the beautiful fairies.

Hidden Object - Forest Haven

Forest Haven is packed full of hidden items strewn across 8 beautiful levels.

Hidden Object Games

Welcome to the Garden of Eden, a lush paradise filled with beautiful sights!

Zen Garden - Search and Find

Find unique hidden objects among the hauntingly beautiful images.

Hidden Object: Halloween House

It's a spooky time of year, check out what's happening at the Halloween House!

Hidden Object: Happy Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Play 20 festive hidden object scenes!

Hidden Object - Happy Easter

Happy Easter contains 20 lovely scenes with unique art, full of hidden items.

Hidden Object: Happy Halloween

Embark on a spooky adventure to a land where the weird and wicked are the norm!

Hidden Object: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day features 20 scenes with a beautiful and unique art style.

Hidden Object - Haunted House

Look of Hidden Objects in a Haunted Old House!

Hidden Object: Haunted House 2

Look for hidden objects in the most haunted house in town in chilling scenes.

Haunted House 2

Watch out, you wouldn't want to anger the restless ghosts...

Hidden Object Haunted House 3

The third installment of the popular Haunted House series brings new chills!

Hidden Object: Haunted House 4

Are there dangers lurking inside your new house?

Haunted Museum

Haunted Museum contains 20 spooky levels strewn with hidden items!

Haunted Places

Search for Hidden Objects in these Spooky Places!

Hidden Object - Haunted Places

Enjoy this beautiful and spooky free hiddden object game!

Hidden Object - The Bride

Hunt for hidden objects though beautiful scenes of matrimonial bliss!

Hidden Object - Holidays Free

Celebrate diverse holidays from all over the world while finding Hidden Objects!

Holiday Hidden Objects Game

Joy to the world! Get into the holiday spirit with our latest Hidden Object!

Hidden Object: Home Sweet Home

Now take time to rest, get comfy, relax and enjoy the day in Home Sweet Home!


Icarus features high quality HD graphics and the ability to zoom in on images.

Hidden Object - Icarus Free

Icarus features high quality HD graphics and the ability to zoom the images.

Hidden Object - I Love My Job

Celebrate professions of all type in our latest and greatest Hidden Object game!

Hidden Object Wilderness FREE!

Search for Objects Deep into the Jungle! See Exotic Animals in their Habitat!

The Lost Islands

Travel to another time and place in The Lost Islands!

Hidden Object: Irish Luck Free

Take a chance on our latest hidden object game - The Luck of the Irish!

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom contains 20 beautiful levels, with lush scenery and hidden items.

Hidden Object: Christmas Magic

Magic of Christmas contains 10 festive levels, filled with hidden items.

Hidden Object - Marionettes

Find objects in this fantastical marionette & puppet mystery game.

Hidden Object - Masquerade

Look behind the mask in our latest hidden object delight!

Hidden Object - May Flowers

Enjoy the beautiful gardens and flowers of springtime in our new Hidden Object!

Hidden Object - Mermaid Magic

Take a trip through these aquatic scenes featuring beautiful Mermaids.

Hidden Object - Mother Nature

Mother Nature is composed of 20 artful scenes full of hidden items to uncover.

Hidden Object

Do you dare enter the Haunted Mansion to uncover what secrets it might hide?!

Hidden Object - Winter FREE!

Mystical Winter is a FUN and FREE hidden object game!

Hidden Object - Nature Moms

Nature Moms contains stunning hidden object scenes with cute animal families!

Hidden Object - Spirits Free!

Night of the Spirits is a challenging and spooky hidden object game!

Hidden Object - Christmas Tree

Tis the season to be jolly! Celebrate with our newest Hidden Object game!

Hidden Object - Once Upon Time

Explore beautiful yet twisted Gothic themes!

Hidden Object - Outlaw Hunt

Hunt for outlaws and hidden objects alike in our awesome western-themed game!

Hidden Object - Pumpkin Patch

Celebrate Halloween with our new game featuring Jack-o'-Lanterns of all types!

Hidden Object - Rainbow Free

Hunt for artfully hidden items as you explore the colors of the rainbow!


Find out if Rapunzel can escape the clutches of the Evil Witch today!

Hidden Object: Romantic Places

Go on a vacation with these 8 beautiful scenes from all over the world.

Hidden Object: Sleeping Beauty

Can you find all the hidden items to complete the Twisted Fairy Tale?!

Hidden Object - Snow Fairies

Contains 10 beautiful crafted levels PACKED full of items all for FREE!

Hidden Object: Snow White Free

Follow Snow White's adventures across 8 stunning scenes!

Hidden Object Christmas Spirit

Search for artfully hidden items while celebrating the Christmas Spirit!

Hidden Object: Spring Cleaning

It's time for some spring cleaning, help out by removing the unwanted items!

Steam City

Bask in the amazing sights of the industrialized Victorian Era of Steampunk.

Hidden Object - Steam City

Bask in the amazing sights of the industrialized Victorian Era of Steampunk!

Hidden Object - Steampunked

Enjoy this beautiful free hidden object game with art by Phatpuppy!

Hidden Object - Summer Garden

Find Hidden Objects on a Sunny Stroll through Beautiful Summer Gardens!

Hidden Object: Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine features 20 lovely scenes full of hidden items to uncover.

Hidden Object - Tea Time

Tea Time features delicious scenes full of sweet treats and hidden items.

Hidden Object - The Nutcracker

Follow the classic ballet story in our beautiful new Hidden Object game!

The Storyteller

Look for Hidden Objects in iconic scenes from 20 well-known children's stories!

Hidden Object: The Storyteller

Our latest Hidden Object game features iconic images from 20 well-known stories!

Hidden Object - Time Traveler

Go on an exciting journey through time and space in our latest Hidden Object!

Hidden Object - Tree of Life

Explore the magic of nature through this beautiful hidden object casual game.

Hidden Object Twilight Fantasy

Enjoy this beautiful vampire themed hidden object game!

Hidden Object - Walk the Plank

Aaaaargh! It's a pirate's life in our latest hidden object - Walk The Plank!

Hidden Object - Werewolves

Man, beast or something in between?

Hidden Object: Werewolves Free

Help unravel the mystery of the nightwalkers in Hidden Object - Werewolves!

Where Vampires Dwell

Experience the magical work of Where Fairies Dwell and Where Ghosts Dwell!

Hidden Object - Vampires!

Experience the magical work of Where Fairies Dwell and Where Ghosts Dwell!

Hidden Object - Winter Spring

Follow the Season's change, as Winter's chill gives way to Spring's new life!

Hidden Objects - Winter Wonder

It's cold outside, so why not keep busy playing our latest Hidden Objects game?!

Hidden Object - Wonderland

An entertaining retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story with hidden items!

Hidden Objects - Zen Garden

Explore this tranquil grove, searching for the items hidden across the 8 scenes.

Ice Cream Bar

Prep and serve customers' ice cream orders quickly and accurately!

India Secrets

Discover the Secrets of India in this Mahjong and Puzzle game!

Jenny in a Formal World

Jenny in a Formal World, a dress-up game with MILLIONS of combinations!

Jessie is Not Afraid of Ghosts

Jessie is Not Afraid of Ghosts!

Laboratory Hidden Objects

Watch where you step or a needle might prick you!

Landscape Hidden Numbers Free

Find numbers with breath-taking landscapes!

Jigsaw Puzzles - Unicorns

Jigsaw Puzzle with beautiful scenes!

Live Jigsaws - Animal Seasons

Watch the pieces and puzzles come alive with subtle animations.

Jigsaw Puzzles Odyssey

A Free preview of our upcoming jigsaw game

Live Jigsaws - Illusions

Watch the pieces come alive in this beautiful and majestic jigsaw experience!

Jigsaws - Happy Halloween

Watch the puzzles come alive with spooky animations!

Live Jigsaws - Happy Halloween

Embark on a Halloween jigsaw adventure!

London Hidden Objects Free

Stroll down the streets of a city in the UK!

Magic Castle Solitaire

Fun Tripeaks Solitaire game with special bonus cards!

Magic Castle Solitaire Free

Fun Tripeaks Solitaire game with special bonus cards!

Mahjong Collision Solitaire

Mahjong Collision Solitaire is a slick mix of mahjong and match 'em games.

Marie Fancy Whiskers Free

Team PlanetDressUp presents: Marie Fancy Whiskers at Twilight!

Mayan Bubbles

Aim and shoot bubbles using your finger.

Mermaid Atlantia

Team PlanetDressUp presents: Mermaid Atlantia!

Modern Anime Suki - Dress Up

Team PlanetDressUp presents "Modern Anime Suki

Monster Girl - Dress Up Free

PlanetDressUp presents Monster Girl

How to Download Casual apps on android

There are numerous way to download the Casual app

  1. 1. You can download Casual app from your mobile. Click on the play store icon after that search the name of the app Casual then click on the official app and finally you can found the install button.
  2. 2. Go to the and search the app Casual then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  3. 2. Go to the and search the app Casual then google show you the app with install button click on it and your app will be installed automatically.
  4. 3. Go to the and then search the Casual app. Facebook will show you the official page, go to the official page then you will find their official website from there you can directly download the app to your mobile.
  5. 4. If you don't have an android phone in your hand, still you can download the app from the desktop (but you must be logged in with same google account in your desktop and mobile). Go to the and search the app then click on the install button.